Rock it!

I think this will be my fist outfit when outside will be 10 celsius.I love this leather jacket custom made special for me from my father!This jacket has 5 years old and it is still looking great and new.I can`t wait for spring to come.I have a lot of outfits in my head and I can`t wait to put them here.

Jacket:costom made
Simple rings:H&M
So do you like it or I have exaggerated a bit?


Initially I didn`t wanted to post this outfit because of the white top.I think it is very inappropriate at this look,because it looks so trashy.Some of you may say that is sexy but I would see a shirt instead of this top.What do you think?Trashy or not?

Skirt:ZARA(also seen here)
Shoes:no name
Clock: Identity London (here)


Ta ta ta dam ta dam:a new outfit:)) Not something very elaborated,just something for a party (inside,because you can freeze outside in Romania).I have in plan to go dressed like this at a birthday party at one of my friends.
Shoes:random brand

New in

Say hello to my new skirts.Recentlly I have descovered my new passion for skirts which are so feminine and sexy.These skirts are brand new in my closet and I am sure that I will wore them a lot.

This one,green,it`s from H&M and I think it has a beautiful colour and it is so comfortable.It has an easy material and it will be great in summer,so another reason about why I am waiting summer

With this one is the same story above:)

This skirt has a beautfiful colour and I really love those details.It is a bit elegant and I think I will wear this at a party with some high heels,white top and a clock.I promise an outfit because I have an ideea:))Oh I found it at Zara.
I really love these earrings.I found them at Kenvelo

So what do you tihink?:)


As in my country it is still snowing I try to look normally and not to freeze,but unfortunately I don`t really make it:)).Because now I got a bad flu and I can`t get rid of it.Any ideas of some cures?

Kisses with flu:))

Just love

Have you seen H&M Fashion Against AIDS  new collection??It is great,am I simply in love with every item and I can`t wait to  be available online and in selected stores beginning with April 26.I can`t wait for spring now!But I hope this items will be availabe in Romania (Please God!!!).

Did I just died and I have arrived in heaven???This jeans I have descovered on Google so I am sorry but I don`t know where they are from but I would die if I`d know…So please let me know if you have any ideea where can I find this kind of jeans…



Do you like my new nails?I am crazy about them<3
I am sorry for not posting but in Romania are still -30 degreez and it is hard to dress properly.How is weather like at you?