Hell yeah!

Yeah,yeah, I know I haven’t been around lately but please don’t kill me ,12 grade is killing me,I don`t have time for nothing and anything so please be gentle. I want to wear this soon but it seems that there is no ocacsion:)) Firstly I said no way I am wearing these two pieces togheter,but now I wanted to give them a chance so HELL YEA! I love the result.What do you think?
Skirt: H&M
Top:H&M( Did I mentioned how much I love it??)



Finally a day with sun in Romania or at least in my city.:)) I love this kind of days when outside is warm.

Blouse: Stradivarius(See mom??I am wearing it)
Coat: Stradivarius(From 2 years ago)
What do you think??