These are my new nails.I love them.What do you think?
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 I`ve got a new obsession:lace!!I have so many items of clothes with lace ❤

What do you think?
Skirt: H&M
T-shirt : H&M
Bag: I have won it:)

How to: Ombre Lips

 Ombré is everywhere — ombré eyes, hair, and even ombré nails.
But what exactly is ombré? And can you do it to your lips?
Ombré is French for an effect with a gradual colour transition from light to dark; for example, with hair, when the ends are deliberately lighter than the roots. Notice I said, “deliberately,” and not the usual “I can’t be bothered with it” regrowth.And yes, you can do it to your lips. In fact, here’s how!
All you will need is a red lip pencil,red lipstick,and black eyeliner.
Step 1: Drow a contour line on your lips.It doesen`t need to be perfect,or too thick or too thin.
Step 2 : Fill with lipstick
Step 3 : Apply black eyeliner in corners

What do you think?