New hat


So I bougth a hat and I loooove it and I am wearing it almost every day.In Romania now it is really hot outside but you never know how it is going to be because the weather is unstable.Hopefully we can have a proper summer! What about your country?DSC05645 DSC05647 DSC05648 DSC05650 DSC05654 DSC05656 DSC05657Jeans: H&M

Hat: Mey

Bag: Stradivarius

Sandals: random brand

Top: Zara


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In Romania is raining,raining and raining.ooowww,I forgot!!!Did I tell you that it is raining? I hate rain,but what can I do??Just open my closet and chose some boots for rain and some comfty clothes.
DSC05604DSC05606DSC05607   Boots: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Bag:won at a contest


Shirt:Pull and bear(I think)

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