Lose weight like a boss!

Yes maybe this is not a good time or a good way to do it,but this post had to be done no matter what! How many of you have complained about my look or my appearance(my kilos) I thought thay you should see how I was about an year before and why my posts were only about make up and some shy looks.I was over 90 kg and I was kind of ashamed of how I was looking,buuuut now I am just were I need to be and to feel comfty in my skin. Sorry for this but if you don`t like how I look than stop looking on my blog because I am not forced to be liked by everyone. Have a good evening! And thanks for your support guys!:*


Yup,I know it is almost fall but I couldn`t resist showing you this outfit with my beloved skirt<3
What do you think?

Shoes:no name
Shirt: Stradivarius